Reviewing process - Horticulture and Landscape Architecture

Manuscripts submitted to the Annals of Warsaw University of Life sciences – SGGW, Horticlture and Landscape Architecture are qualified for publication on the basis of reviews. Each manuscript is peer-reviewed by at least two independent reviewers affiliated outside of the authors unit, including at least one foreign reviewer affiliated outside of the authors nationality. Two blinded review principle is applied in the peer review process

Authors will receive a confirmation by email when the editorial office has received their manuscript. An initial review of the paper will be completed to determine if the paper meets the technical requirements of the journal and is of sufficient standard to be sent for independent peer-review.

After initial approval the paper will be sent out to appropriate peer-reviewers (usually two). Reviewers have six weeks to complete and submit their review. Reviews are prepared according to a unified peer-review template. The peer-review template is here.

After all of the reviews are submitted, assigned editor will make a decision regarding the acceptance, revision, or rejection of the submission. Revisions may be minor or major. Authors will receive a detailed decision letter from their editor, which will include comments from each reviewer and specific instructions regarding the submission of the revision.

Authors have four weeks to submit minor revision amendments, and six weeks to submit major revision amendments.

In submitting the revision, authors need to prepare a cover letter. This cover letter should be addressed to the handling editor and should explain in general terms how authors addressed the reviewer comments. After the cover letter, in a separate file, should be included detailed responses to each reviewer comment. Authors should list each comment from each reviewer and include a description of how they have incorporated/addressed specific comments.

Revised manuscript with cover letter and detailed responses to reviewers comments should be delivered by e-mail to the address: