2009 Animal Science 46

Annals of Warsaw University of Life Sciences – SGGW
Animal Science No 46
Warsaw 2009

  • Owner: Warsaw University of Life Sciences
  • Publisher: Warsaw University of Life Sciences Press
  • ISSN: 1898-8830

Tadeusz Kaleta

Annals of Warsaw University of Life Sciences - SGGW. Animal Science No 46


Part I

Part II

  • DEAS A., GRUSZCZYŃSKA J., ŚWIDEREK W.P. Simulation analysis of correlation between the occurrence of the defined alleles of Ovar-DRBi gene in genotype and the health status of the sheep udders
  • DROBIK W., MARTYNIUK E. Analysis of inbreeding in highly prolific Olkuska sheep flock
  • FISZDON K., KOWALCZYK I. Litter size, puppy weight at birth and growth rates in different breeds of dogs
  • KALETA T., GŁOWIENKA E. An analysis of incidents caused by captive cats in the world during 1990-2006 period on the basis of web database
  • ŁUKASIEWICZ-ŚMIETAŃSKA D., WIRTH-DZIĘCIOŁOWSKA E., GAJEWSKA M. Identification of quantitative trait loci for body weight and body weight gain in two growth-differentiated mouse lines
  • CHUDZICKA-POPEK M., KALINOWSKA A., MAJDECKA T. The conditions of Polish primitive horses' maintenance in some stables
  • KLIMASZEWSKI K., JAROSIŃSKA P., ROMAŃSK B. The habitat preferences of amphibians in the catchment area of the Zagożdżonka River
  • KLIMASZEWSKI K., TURLIK I., POPCZYK B. Characteristic of population and working of earthdogs in Poland in 2001-2007
  • KUCHARSKA K., KUCHARSKI D., PEZOWICZ E. Entomopathogenic nematodes in agriculture - potential threat to protected beetle species
  • STRUŻYŃSKI W. Restocking ofthe narrow-clawed crayfish (Astacus lepto-dactylus Esch.) in central-eastern Poland
  • STRUŻYŃSKI W. The occurrence of the narrow-mouthed whorl snail (Vertigo angustior) in planned Natura 2000 sites in Masovian Province
  • ŁOZICKI A., NIŻNIKOWSKI R., GŁOWACZ K., POPIELARCZYK D., KLIMASZEWSKI K., STRZELEC E. Evaluation of feeding value and yield of extensive pastures used in beef cattle grazing
  • RUPIEWICZ M., NIEMIEC T., LEPIANKA A., BALCERAK M. Effects of excretions/secretions produced by larvae of Lucilia sericata on growth of poultry isolates Salmonella Enteritidis in vitro
  • STUDNICKA A., SAWOSZ E., GRODZIK M., CHWALIBOG A., BALCERAK M. Influence of nanoparticles of silver/palladium alloy on chicken embryos' development
  • WIĘSIK M., DYMNICKA M., ARKUSZEWSKA E., ŁOZICKI A. Effect of milk diet on the selected indicators of immunity of rats
  • ZIELIŃSKA A.K., SAWOSZ E., GRODZIK M., CHWALIBOG A., KAMASZEWSKI M. Influence of nanoparticles of gold on chicken embryos' development
  • GOLONKA M. Analysis of chosen behavioral forms of Konik Polski horses from the Popielno Reserve
  • ŁOJEK J., KACZMAREK K., ŁOJEK A. The effect of a Thoroughbred filly participating in the Derby and its influence on her 3-year-old racing career
  • ŁOJEK J., BURZYŃSKA K., LASKOWSKI M. Activity of herds of Konik Polski horses free ranging in Biebrza National Park
  • ŁOJEK J., GĘBSKAM., ROMANOWSKIM., ŁOJEK A. Economic effects of racehorse stables management in Warsaw race track
  • KUCZYŃSKA B., NAŁĘCZ-TARWACKA T. Relationship between content of phospholipids in milk and stability of milk fat globule membrane and the effect of some factors on the frequency of their's destabilization
  • LITYŃSKI  R., NIŻNIKOWSKI  R., POPIELARCZYK D., STRZELEC E., GŁOWACZ K. PRNP gene polymorphisms in Polish population of East-Frie-sian milk sheep
  • NIŻNIKOWSKI R., POPIELARCZYK D., STRZELEC E., GŁOWACZ K. Characterization of body constitution of old type Polish Merino ewes bred in mazowieckie voivodeship
  • ŁUKASIEWICZ M., MICHALCZUK M., PIETRZAK D., ADAMCZAK L. Chemical composition and physico-chemical properties of meat of Ayam cemani hens and cocks
  • ŁUKASIEWICZ M., MICHALCZUK M., GAJEWSKA J., WILCZYŃSKA--CZYŻ K., NIEMIEC J. Wheat distilled dried grains with solubles (DDGS) as a replacer of extraction soil meal in nutrition of broiler
  • MICHALCZUK M., PIETRZAK D., MROCZEK J., NIEMIEC J., ŁUKASIEWICZ M. Results of rearing and technological traits of meat of slaughter chickens depending of their slaughter age
  • CIEŚLA M., BŁASZCZAK B., LIRSKI A. Traditional carp farming in Poland as an example of sustainable animal production
  • KAMASZEWSKI M., OSTASZEWSKA T. Development of digestive tract and swim bladder in larvae and juvenile stages of the Central American Cichlidae family on the example of T-bar cichlid (Cryptoheros sajica, Bussing 1974)
  • WOJTYRA B. Regional differentiation of costs and profitability of milk production in Poland